From Euskirchen to Mozambique (Part 2)

Olá out there,
at first a lot of greetings from Euskirchen. I hope, that you are well.

In the Schools

My work in the schools consisted of different activities:

    1. Painting and decoration of schools,

    2. Windons and doors repair

    3. Repair the banks of the amphitheater

    4. I made a photographic rising of all the schools and finish the picks up of the teachers' data and of the students to conclude this rising.

    5. I attended and I collaborated in two seminars of the schools.

    6. Every month I elaborate the monthly program of the schools for such I write 4 histories (a history of the week) and some songs. Once a month I gather with the teachers of each school and I present the monthly theme and I explain which purpose of the histories.

In the health

    1. I attended and I collaborated in a seminar of the program of schools where we discussed the most varied diseases and hygiene.

    2. I participated and I motivated every week in the elaboration of a Rádio program about on health, hygiene and tropical diseases. I consider this program of very important, because with it we reached thousands of families.

    3. At this time I write the themes for next 3 months.

    4. I elaborated two pamphlets of information concerning AIDS and Malaria for to the population.

In the Program of families:

    1. In this program I began by helping Joana in an inquiry fact concerning 50 families in 5 different areas.

    2. I participated and I helped in a seminar of coordinators of families.

    3. I also participated with Joana in the first campaign of partner ship to 5 companies of Nacala from where we obtained 2 donations.

    4. I helped in the elaboration of the dossiers for the next campaign of partner ship in Nacala and Nampula.

    5. I finished of an exhibition picture with 4 meters about the whole program of the project and its results.

    6. Another part of my work was, that I and Joana made a presentation with the participation of some "escolinhas" (pre-schools) and some pictures about the program of the Child Aid . We have made that presentation during the visit of the governor of the Nampula Province.

So, that was a part of my work in Mozambique.

Viele Grüße von Pedro.